The window film world today is not limited to traditional solar control films. Sometimes a window will need a special application film to address a specific issue or concern. Fortunately, Johnson Window Films offers a line-up of Specialty Series films to help respond to unique window treatment situations.

UV Clear – a clear, invisible film blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. Great for storefronts looking to reduce interior fading and homeowners that don’t want the look of window film but demand UV protection

White Frost – A semi-transparent film designed for windows where sunlight is desired, but total day and night privacy is needed. Works well on large bathroom windows, half-moon windows, and internal office & conference windows.

Whiteout & Blackout Films – opaque white & black films developed to create total privacy. Excellent for eliminating any viewing inside a window where valuable items are kept, e.g. storage buildings, glass cabinets, countertops.

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