Protective Films

Why Polymeric Protective Films?
Polymeric safety & security films can be found anywhere where glass breakage poses a threat – homes, commercial buildings, retail stores, government buildings and even cars. They are available in a variety of thickness sizes depending on the level of protection needed, and you can choose either a clear film or a shaded version if you are looking for added solar protection.

They are effective and built to protect!
Johnson provides a range of protection levels from which to choose. Broken glass and flying shards can cause severe injuries and even death to children, family members, pets, employees, etc.. Single, double and triple layer films provide effective protection from hazards ranging from accidents to bomb blast.

Polymeric films are durable, safe and always on the job.
Scratch resistant hardcoats protect against years of window cleaning and environmental effects. Our acrylic bonding technology ensures durable long-term anchorage. Johnson films are on the job 24/7. You get the peace of mind knowing your invisible protective shield is on the job even when you are not thinking about it.

Because they can provide solar control as well.
Trident Safety & Security films also come in a number of color shades for solar heat protection and energy savings.

Installation is fast and easy.
Film can be installed on most windows in less than 15 minutes. There is no need to move out. There is no removal of glass; there is no rework or repaint after installation, it can be done quickly with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Johnson films are cost effective and environmentally friendly.
Polymeric film installation is far less expensive than replacing glass and it keeps all the glass you currently have out of land fills. In extreme applications changing the glass can mean replacing the entire frame as well. Some Johnson films are available with solar energy reduction layers that can pay for themselves with energy savings. Johnson films are the economical choice for glass upgrade.

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