Looking to get out of the heat? Well, look no further. Johnson Window Films' state-of-the-art ScenicView films are dual-reflective and they deliver the highest heat rejection available.

Suitable for dual pane and low-E windows, ScenicView is a hit with architects and designers because its dual reflectivity allows for more optimal day and nighttime views while still providing substantial solar protection. Thus, a home or office tinted with ScenicView receives the best of both worlds—heat, glare and UV ray protection on the inside and a beautiful, unimpaired vision outside the window especially at dusk time.

Plus, our SV10 line is perfect for sun-drenched commercial buildings or homes with higher than normal interior heat gain. This film line provides 81% heat rejection and will create a more comfortable living/working environment in addition to helping lower energy costs.

Best of all, ScenicView will never fade and includes Johnson’s CST™ scratch resistant hardcoat.

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