DaylightNatural is one of the most popular flat glass films on the market today. Designed for both residential and commercial applications, DaylightNatural has a very soft, neutral grey color that blends in well with any interior décor and is designed not to disturb the natural views outside the window.

DaylightNatural is available in five different shades. DN60, DN50 and DN35 lines were developed with the homeowner in mind. These films deliver low interior reflectivity, allowing for a more undisturbed outside view, and are designed to protect interior furnishings from fading by providing strong heat and UV Ray rejection. All three shades are dual pane safe and can be easily installed on today's popular low energy coated glass.

DN20 and DN15 are darker shades and are very appealing to building owners and property managers. These darker, neutral grey colors blend in well with the natural look of today's modern glass and perform exceptionally in reducing extreme glare and excessive heat.

Whether it's improving comfort inside your home or balancing hot spots in a commercial building, DaylightNatural films will help lower overall energy costs and improve HVAC efficiency. Additionally, these films are guaranteed not to fade or change color and are protected by Johnson's CST™ scratch-resistant hardcoat.

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