Commitment to Quality

To the ordinary consumer, a strip of window film looks like a simple piece of colored polyester film. It must appear to be very easy to manufacture. But the reality is the construction of window film is a very complex and elaborate process. Sure, it starts with a clear piece of polyester film but the inclusion of various levels of adhesives, solvents, dyes and metals makes the manufacturing process extremely complicated.

Therefore, it's important to choose a window film manufacturer that is experienced and committed to ensuring the best quality possible. With over 30 years in the business, you can be assured that Johnson Window Films is dedicated to producing the highest quality window film on the market. That's our #1 goal...period.

How can we make this quality claim? Because every roll of Johnson window film goes through a rigorous, multi-step quality control process. This procedure is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and has been constantly updated over time to take advantage of the latest technologies. The bottom line is that every box of window film must meet very high quality standards. Otherwise, it doesn't leave the building. That's Johnson Window Films' commitment to quality.

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