PNS - Al Arabia Industrial Services (AIS) is an integrated services company offering a range of solutions for both the onshore and the offshore Oil & Gas industry, the LNG industry, Petrochemical industry, Renewable Energy industry, Industrial Chemical industry, Power Generation industry, Pharmaceuticals and the Manufacturing industry.

We are a young company our group has been in business for 5 years and we are typified by our dedication to Delivering a Quality Service, to Sending Everybody Home Each Night Safely, and our Enthusiastic Determination to “Do The Job Properly”.

We can support your business through the provision of experienced and multi skilled crews across the following range of fully complementary services;

Nitrogen Services – including purging, Helium Leak Testing, Drying, Pneumatic Testing, Accelerated Cool Downs and Pipe-freezing, hot stripping and regeneration of Catalyst and absorber materials.

Bolting Services – including Torqueing & Tensioning, Onsite Machining and Joint Integrity Management Software.

Pipeline Services – including Pigging & Pig Tracking utilising Cleaning, Gauging, Calliper

& Inspection Pigs, Product Displacement, Hydrostatic T esting, Ethylene / Gas filtration and Pipeline Drying.

Coil Tubing Services - With enhanced well recovery or additional stimulation support, Engineering backup, job modelling, real time pipe fatigue monitoring, data and well profile engineering, data acquisition including well and operating parameters and live time data streaming.

Capillary, Radial Drilling and Flat-Pack Services - With well services support, combined efforts for services in depleted formations, liquid loading (and unloading), artificial lifting, micro coiled tubing, reverse circulation possibilities (without jeopardising well integrity and injection) and gas lifting and tool application all possible during the same run.

The full range of Chemical Cleaning Services for pipelines, installations and Power plant.